Position Title: Maintenance Director
Reports to:
Executive Pastor

Principle Function:
The job of Maintenance Director was established for the purposes of planning, organizing and directing the maintenance, repair, and alteration of Hope Church buildings and grounds; ensuring that jobs are completed efficiently and within regulatory guidelines and projected deadlines; preparing and managing the annual budgets for the maintenance, grounds and custodial departments; and ensuring optimal utilization of personnel and other resources.

Specific List of Responsibilities:
• Collaborates with others (e.g. building teams of servant leaders, vendors, contractors) to implement and maintain services and/or programs.

• Coordinates schedules and special event operations to ensure required facilities preparation.

• Develops long and short range maintenance plans/programs (e.g. emergency response plans, energy management plans, annual budget, etc.) to ensure that Hope Church resources are effectively utilized.

• Directs projects (e.g. site repairs/construction, preventive maintenance, etc.) to ensure completion within established time frames, project design, and budget.

• Inspects new construction, repair work, projects, equipment, work orders, daily maintenance and supplies to ensure that jobs are completed efficiently; specifications are within local/state/federal regulations; and approving inspection reports and payment requests.

• Participates in necessary meetings to convey and/or gather information required to perform functions.

• Presents information to communicate information, gain feedback and ensure adherence to established internal controls.

• Researches new products, laws, regulations, etc., to recommend purchases, contracts and maintain Hope Church services.