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Position Title: Technical Arts Director

Reports to: Executive Pastor

Position Type: Full Time

Principle Function:

Oversees the streaming, broadcasting, and recording of all visual transmissions; oversees Hope Church web content and development; makes certain that each experience is operating at an excellent level from start to finish; oversees song lyrics, graphics, videos, scriptures, and other media that ensures an excellent worship experience; maintains all electronic equipment in an operational mode; works closely with staff and volunteers during ministry activities; oversees contracts needed to fulfill these responsibilities.

1. Specific List of Responsibilities:

  • Leads and works closely with all of the Audio/Visual teams and their leaders. This list includes, but is not limited to:
    • Pro-Presenter
    • Graphic Artist
    • Cinematographer and Editor
    • Duplication
    • Lighting Technician
    • Sound Technician
    • Video Switcher/Camera Director
    • Video Camera Operator
  • Recruit and train servant leaders for the areas of responsibility
  • Meet prior to worship experience & events for run through and light/sound/video checks
  • Ensure adequate lighting for visual imaging
  • Assist in installation, maintenance, & repair of audio, video, web, and broadcast systems
  • Maintain inventory of all audio, video, broadcast, and web equipment